Q: What should I do to prepare for a upcoming video or photo shoot?

A: After booking you will be given a shoot date and leading up to then it is important to make the house as presentable as possible.  View this as an open house for the many online shoppers. Remove excess clutter and make sure the home is clean.  Before the shoot itself Reel Tour will come in and do a sweep of the house making sure all the final details are in place and if furniture needs to be moved this is the time it will take place.

Q: How long does it take to capture a video of a property?

A: The answer to this question is never really the same being that the size of the property is a huge deciding factor.  Most shoots will take around one to two hours to prepare and capture but if the home is of substantial size it may take longer.  Photo and video combinations are the longest of shoots and can take 3-5 hours. 

Q: Do I have to be present for every shoot?

A:  Many times I shoot properties solo but do encourage realtors to be in attendance if they choose to do so.  Each property is unique and Reel Tour wants to capture this so knowing as much about the property is key, and often times agents know special details.  If you choose to, or cannot be present, Reel Tour can access the property with a proper key or code for a key lock.  If there are special instructions, these will be worked out prior to visiting.  Respect for each and every property is a must here at Reel Tour and we ensure the utmost care taken while we travel through out each space.  


Q: Can I request changes to a video if I am not happy?

A: There are no small changes when it comes to video editing, however, customer satisfaction is very important to us.  We will absolutely fix any mistake on our part if this were to happen to a delivered product.  We sure hope it does not, but everyone is human right? ;) If you receive a video and do not like final product, one re-edit will be done free of charge.  After that every added change will be $50.00

Q:  How do I pay?

A:  Reel Tour accepts payments in the form of check and PayPal.  A deposit of half down is due before the shoot date and then the rest will be collected before the final product is delivered. 

Q:  What happens if it is raining or poor weather

A:  If the weather is poor there are times when shoots have to be rescheduled.  All of the gear used by Reel Tour is quite expensive so shooting in the rain is avoided whenever possible.  Rain and gloomy skies can also make the most inviting property a bit drab and dull.  Reel Tour will keep an eye on the weather and since this region has unpredictable weather cancelations can be last minute but a new date will be put into place.  Trust us, we do not like rain either :(