Reel Tour Media is designed to help enhance your listing 


Reel Tour wants to change the way people go about online shopping for a home. In the real estate world, buyer knowledge is king and every video we create is designed to give the viewer insight into what each property has to offer. Video gives the prospective buyer the chance to fall in love before ever stepping foot inside.




According to the National Association of Realtors, 70% of sellers would choose a realtor who offered video marketing, yet only 3% of all realtors offer this feature.  Reel Tour affords realtors the opportunity to stand out from the 97% of the competition, giving sellers incentive to pursue your service.  Don’t get stuck in normality!  Videos offer accurate representation and are aesthetically pleasing.  Most importantly, videos will boost listing numbers and will aid in putting out the “SOLD” sign.


Tell the story with stills

We sure do love video but our team knows video paired with photography can be a great way to achieve maximum exposure.  Get all your real estate media needs in one easy visit!

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