Michael Donovan

Owner and Creator

My name is Michael Donovan and I am the creator and owner of Reel Tour Media. I am crazy for architecture and photography and have worked hard to make my job revolve around both.  I created this company to provide stunning media to all aspects of architecture ranging from real estate visuals, to marketing for architects and designers.  I graduated with a degree in graphic design and have put that creative knowledge into every photograph and video.  I am always working to advance my skill set and often film many other subject matters including weddings, corporate , lifestyle, and extreme sports.  

Reel Tour's Mission

The driving force behind Reel Tour has been the same since day one, to make buying real estate easier.  For many people buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in their lives, and Reel Tour wants to make it a more enjoyable experience for both buyer and seller.   People are so visual these days and accustomed to accessing information quickly, so we felt that our videos would reveal everything about a home a buyer could want in one click.  Every video reveals what makes each property unique showing the flow of a home and how each room correlates to the next, which pictures just cannot do.  90% of real estate purchases begin on the internet, so if you are able to virtually walk through a home before visiting, you will be able to make a better decision on which properties you and your agent will visit in person.  This will save both parties valuable time and money throughout the searching process. Knowledge is power, especially when making one of the largest purchases of your life.